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By automating the entire Coiled Tubing system, Stimline units operate more safely, more efficiently, and can even run the job autonomously.

  • A range of coiled tubing units ready to deliver superior performance.
  • Injector heads with a proven track record when operating in the most challenging wells.
  • Reel systems designed with increased structural integrity for today’s heavier grade, longer Coiled Tubing strings.
  • Operator stations and control systems to enable your coiled tubing units to operate autonomously.



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Injector Heads

Injector Automation

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Automation kits available for stand-alone Injectors or part of an automated coiled tubing unit

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Convert the Injector from manual to automated operation

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Simplifies operation and ensure that the Injector operate within optimum parameters



Features of Injector Automation


IHX100, IHX130 and IHX160 can be fitted with optional automation kits providing unparalleled ease of operation. The kit ensures that the Injector always operates within correct parameters and includes several functions to safeguard tubing and equipment.  

    • Simplified operation
    • Safety interlocks
    • Early detection of slippage and active run-away avoidance
    • Automatic traction force optimization
    • Automatic chain tension control
    • Automatic chain grease controlled by control system

Continuous harvesting of key maintenance data

Optional Chain Synchronization (patented)

Automation Kits are available for both manually operated CTU’s and when the injector is part of an automated CTX system.


Injector Heads

IHX130 Injector

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Injector Head designed for increased performance and reduced coil wear

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Reliability and low cost of ownership demonstrated by multiple IHX130’s in demanding operations

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Optional automation kit adds intelligent control, auto functions and more

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Features of IHX130 Injector 

  • Developed for large size, high grade heavy wall tubing conveyed in challenging and deep wells
  • High motor capacity can get you in and out of the well more quickly
  • Floating tubing traction system with optimized rotation center improves weight reading and reduces pipe wear through traction zone
  • Heavy-duty chains, through-pin connect-to-skate block design and heavy-duty chain rollers greased for life gives you more feet between maintenance intervals
  • Reversible one-plate skate design, with optimized shape for reduced loads on tubing and rollers
  • Integrated tubing suspension system in skate blocks reduce pipe wear and improves friction
  • Optional automation kits turn the IHX130 into an intelligent injector, always operating with the optimized parameters, reacting to changing conditions in milliseconds

Please consult with us on how an IHX can update and modernize your existing coiled tubing unit.


Injector Heads

Injector Guide Arch

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Available in several radiuses up to 140 in

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Operated remotely for added safety during rigging

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Reduces pipe wear by optimized roller design

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Features of Guide Arch


We deliver Guide Arch’s with 96″, 120” and 140″ radius.

  • Foldable in to two sections
  • Remote locking mechanism, no need to climb
  • Dimensioned according to recognized standards
  • Designed for high grade heavy wall large OD tubing
  • Adjustable centerline
  • Steel rollers
  • Optional load cell measuring coil back tension


Reel Systems

Electric Level Wind

More information coming soon.


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Coiled Tubing Pricing

We acknowledge that every company and well has its unique conditions that needs individual solutions.

Therefore, we make sure we use the necessary resources prior to coiled tubing planning and operations commencing in order to fully understand client objectives. We collaborate to find the best possible solution and corresponding pricing for the project.

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Stimline is a close partner with Propell Inc, providing user interfaces, control systems, advanced automation and digitalization technology, electrical drive system technology to Propell’s line of coiled tubing equipment.


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CTX D-Type

Designed for operating in the deepest and most demanding wells, running the toughest tubing – automatically.

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CTX T-Type

CTX T-Type Coiled Tubing Units are fabricated to provide a long service life at minimal operational cost.

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RX Reel System

Robust reel system design, proven from years of service.

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IHX100 Injector Head

Compact Injector Head designed to fit existing mid-range CTU’s.

IHX100 Injector Head_3D


IHX130 Injector Head

Injector Head designed for increased performance and reduced coil wear.

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